10 Ways to Live Like a Bridgerton

May 31, 2024

By Christa Protano

Ladies and Gentlemen: The season is upon us. Polin season, that is. No, we are not talking about that super annoying layer of yellow that descends upon everything outdoors come spring. This is about the return of Bridgerton, of course. The time has finally come to swoon over Penelope and Colin’s friends-to-lovers story in season 3 of our favorite Regency-era series.

Ever since Shonda Rhimes gifted us with this delicious Netflix snack, our obsession with the ton has— ahem—pollinated many facets of our modern-day lifestyle. From the fashion to the vocabulary to the social decorum, who can resist wanting to play dress up and live like a Bridgerton for a day. To that end, we’ve put together a list of ways you can add some regency vibes to your daily routine.

Practice Your Needlework

The Bridgerton ladies do love their needlework and Embroider the World of Jane Austen will transport experienced crafters and beginners alike back to a bygone era. This kit includes 12 iron-on transfers, embroidery floss, 2 pieces of fabric, 2 pieces of calico backing, 2 needles, and a 6-inch bamboo hoop. A 64-page instruction book and full-color photos provide step-by-step instructions so even novice crafters can feel as confident as Elizabeth Bennet in Austen’s classic, Pride & Prejudice.

Update Your Social Calendar

Concerts. The theater. Milestone celebrations. Four years after the pandemic began, social gatherings have finally come back in full swing and you don’t want to double book. We love the 12-Month Undated Daily Planner because it doesn’t matter on what day or month you begin. This undated planner lets you kick off your scheduling any time you wish, and for any 12-month period you choose. So choose your timing wisely and let diamond season begin.

Take a Romantic Promenade

Whether you’re looking for suitors or showing off a new courtship, to promenade is an essential part of the Bridgerton lifestyle. These public walks have made for some of the series most memorable moments (a soaking wet Viscount, anyone?). The lush outdoor scenery is also a plus. But if you can’t get to a park in Surrey anytime soon, perusing The Artist’s Path in 500 Walks is an easy way to take in a destination’s unique charm.Throughout these pages you’ll explore the landscapes and landmarks that inspired some of the world’s most influential artists, authors and musicians, such as the landscapes of New Mexico through the eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe, the streets of Vienna once trodden by Beethoven, and many more.  

Sip Afternoon Tea

Bridgerton fans who love to spend time in the kitchen will want to add Jane Austen’s Table to their cookbook collection. Whether you’re hosting a themed party or simply socializing with friends on a rolling hillside nearby, the recipes in this oh-so-pretty hardcover will wow even the most fickle of guests. Here you’ll find recipes for eye-catching starters, tasty curries, and elegant desserts to help you create the ultimate Regency experience.


Hone Your Skills

Having a special talent—and not being afraid to crow about it—is a must if you’re look to secure a match during diamond season. While singing, painting, or playing a musical instrument are all well and good, you can also work on a less obvious skill, like the Japanese art of origami. With the Color-Gami kit, you can customize your origami folding sheets by coloring in beautiful designs and patterns, and then follow the instructions to fold flowers, animals, and more. The easy step-by-step instruction book with detailed diagrams will take you through the folds.

Know the Lay of the Land

Having a wide range of topics to discuss when in presence of others is key to being a memorable member of the ton. So dukes and duchesses in-training will do well to brush up on their history with Cities Past and Present. This visual guide to 25 of the world’s most iconic cities includes more than 200 photographs of the buildings and landmarks that define these urban landscapes—including London then and now. Archival photographs are presented side by side with modern views to show change through the course of history. Through these images, you’ll witness the evolution of famous cities and gain a new understanding of their place in the world.

Play Some Games

From pall-mall to puzzles, the Bridgertons love playing games during their leisure time. So when it’s time to take a break from all the pomp and promenades, sit down and test your wits with Jane Austen Word Search. This book features more than 50 puzzles that include words drawn directly from Pride and PrejudiceSense and SensibilityEmma, and more. Ideal for lovers of classic romantic literature, this puzzle book makes for an enjoyable, relaxing activity whenever you want to daydream of the grand balls and tea parties of London’s high society.

Call the Florist

From houses dripping in wisteria to soirees overflowing with roses, the flowers in Bridgerton always give main character energy. And now that spring is finally in full bloom, you may want to consider planting the seeds for some botanical beauty in your own home. Thankfully, Ultimate Gardening is a practical guide to every aspect of gardening, no matter where you live or what you want to grow, with easy-to-understand tips and colorful photos.

Exchange Love Letters

Imagine a time without text messaging or DMs…sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Back in the early 1800s, letters were the preferred method of communication, so why not start putting pen to paper. If you care to zhuzh up your missives, Cute Hand Lettering will provide all the inspiration needed to personalize your posts with an artsy quality. Bonus: according to author and journaling expert, Cindy Guentert-Baldo, studies have shown that drawing boosts thinking skills and memory.

Also available by Cindy Guentert-Baldo, The Ultimate Doodle Collection for Journals, Planners, and more.

Keep Calm and Carry On

In order to be an accomplished woman or proper gentleman during the Regency era, one must have had a strong constitution and be able to keep their composure at all times—both favorable traits that are beneficial for our challenging times as well. For this reason, consider practicing a bit of yoga. Featuring full-color photos, Ultimate Guide to Yoga includes effective posture and breathing exercises to help alleviate more than 50 common ailments—from back pain to women’s health problems, allergies to insomnia.  It also provides everything you need to get started with your yoga practice without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Lastly, it would behoove us to mention the act of reading some classic romantic literature. After all, it was literary diamonds like Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters, who surely inspired Julia Quinn and countless other contemporary authors to reimagine our favorite romantic tropes. So be sure to add Canterbury Classics to your bookstack. We’d like to think Queen Charlotte would approve.

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