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Super Cute Crochet

The Super Cute Crochet kit includes all the materials you’ll need to create a snuggly koala and an a...

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Essential Juices and Smoothies

Essential Juices and Smoothies contains more than a thousand easy recipes for juices, smoothies, and ...

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Essential Wellness

Whatever your goals, Essential Wellness walks you through the many ways you can maximize health and ...

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils takes you on an aromatic journey that explores the exquisite fragrances and healing po...

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Essential Uses: Baking Soda, Salt, Vinegar, Lemon, Coconut Oil, Honey, and Ginger

Whatever your goals, Essential Uses will teach you new ways to use baking soda, salt, vinegar, lemon...

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Make Your Own Marbled Creations

A new twist on the look of classic marble! This kit will teach you how to put a fun, colorful marbled ...

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Extreme Stickering Manga

Manga fans everywhere will delight in these fifteen playful stickering puzzles featuring the popular S...

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Crochet Cats

A ball of yarn has never yielded so much fun! The kit includes all the materials you’ll need to crea...

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Bestselling Books

An Atlas of Tolkien

J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional universe is as vast as the human imagination, so an atlas is a helpful ...

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Star Wars Crochet

An out-of-this-world crochet adventure, the Star Wars Crochet kit offers a fun and interactive experi...

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Planes: A Complete History

Nothing seems to capture the imagination of humankind quite like the ability to fly, and just over a h...

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Anatomy 360

Our bodies are a mystery to us. We see our arms and legs move, but may have no idea how the muscles be...

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Dollar Origami

We handle money every day. We're used to handing over a few bills for a coffee or a few more bills for...

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1000 Dot-to-Dot: Cities

Satisfy your inner child and your adult intellect all at once. This timeless activity is now revoluti...

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Large Print Amazing Dot-to-Dot

More than 200 visual puzzles pepper the pages of Large Print Amazing Dot-to-Dot. Connecting the dots t...

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Extreme Stickering Animals

Fans of puzzles who are looking for a new challenge will find plenty of enjoyment in these 15 intense ...

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Creative Ways to Journal

March 8, 2019

Taking a few minutes to record your thoughts on a daily or weekly basis can help you maintain a positive attitude. Whether you choose to write about significant events or simply track to-do lists, journaling is a mindful and reflective activity with benefits that extend into our everyday lives.

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