Make Your Mother’s Day

April 27, 2021

By Kristen Johnson

Let’s create an adventure for Mom to enjoy! Whether you are celebrating your mother, grandmother or any mother figure this Mother's Day, we want to encourage you to get outdoors and create from the world around you. Here is a one of a kind Mother’s Day gift from 52 Nature Crafts that is sure to make that Mom in your life feel the love.

Get Out in Nature

To start this project we want to encourage you to head outside! Step out with the kids and have them look for any kind of flowers that they can find. Wild flowers can come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to have them look everywhere they can. Remember that leafy greens can be used for this project so take the time to look for soft feeling greens in all shapes and sizes as well.

Once all of your nature’s goodies have been collected gather them all up and grab your biggest and heaviest books. You’ll also want to make sure that you grab some paper towels or something similar for the next step.

In this case, we will be using a copy of 52 Nature Crafts! This project can be found on page 92 and is inspired by the forever bouquet.

Open the book and take one paper towel to lay down flat on one side of the open pages. When your paper towel is in place, then take your flowers and greens and spread out on top of the towel. If you want to create singular pressed flowers be sure to leave space around the flowers and greens.

You can also choose to layer the flowers and greens by stacking them on top of each other (recommendation of two layers at the most).

Place an additional layer of paper towels over top and then close the book. You can do multiple pressed flowers and paper towels in one book. After you have your flowers and greens all ready to go, close the book and apply pressure on top with other heavy books.


The Reveal

The recommended time for the flowers and greens to be pressed would be 24 hours. Once you are ready to open up and reveal your project have your craft surface ready to go.

You can choose a variety of different surfaces, but we went with circular canvases and a photo frame. Choosing a surface that the recipient would use is important. Does your Mother figure have a desk space? Do they like to decorate their home with art? What about reading books and making a bookmark with pressed flowers?

For supplies you will have to gather your craft surface as well as a type of glue that dries clear and a brush. We would recommend placing the dried flowers and greens on your surface to see where you would want them to end up before you glue them into place.

Once you like where they are placed, remove them and apply a layer of glue on your craft surface. Using a brush spread an even layer of glue around and put the pressed items back on. Add glue back over the top of the pressed flowers and greens and brush an additional layer of glue on top.

Let your art dry completely and enjoy! Present your gifts to your loved one for them to enjoy the the outdoors inside.

Kristen Johnson of A Girl and Her Glitter, is a celebration expert with 16 years of experience as a professional event designer. She is a lifestyle expert who brings sparkle to all of life's celebrations and into your everyday life. Kristen resides in Central Florida with her husband and three kids, and is always up to something to bring real inspiration to you! She has been seen on Top Chef as the restaurant designer, Courses and Mini Series on Craftsy, featured on the Today Show and presenter for Craft Day on HSN.

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