Piña Colada Recipes to Cool You Down

June 19, 2019

Summer is in full swing and that means beach vacations, BBQs, and sitting poolside with a delicious blended cocktail. Since sometimes you just need to chill during the summer season, below are two virgin Piña Colada recipe cards from our Essential Juices and Smoothies title.

Hot Tip: If you're anything like us and have a different way of "chilling", add 1.5 ounces of your favorite rum to each smoothie and get to sippin'.

Print out the recipe cards below and share at your next pool party!


Essential Juices and Smoothies contains more than a thousand easy recipes for juices, smoothies, and breakfast bowls, including well-known favorites as well as more exotic—but no less delicious—creations. Understand the nutritional benefits of veggie and fruit ingredients, and find recipes that target specific goals, such as cleansing and detoxifying. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast smoothie, an afternoon snack, or a healthy dessert, Essential Juices and Smoothies is your guide to creating delicious blends.


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