All You Need is Two Great New Beatles Books

October 29, 2014

One of the most recognizable, enduring, and best-selling bands of all time, you don’t have to look very hard to find The Beatles’ influence — it spans time, genre, and geography.


Where’s Ringo?

The Beatles have had a sizable influence across the world, but there is one Beatle who has always gotten less credit than the others. In Where’s Ringo?, Ringo Starr finally gets his due in an entire search-and-find book devoted to picking him and Beatles memorabilia out of twenty Beatles-themed illustrations. Each illustration depicts iconic scenes from Beatles history, and is accompanied by original photographs with fact-filled overviews describing them.

Ready to find Ringo? Try out this Beatles-themed puzzle from the book! Click through for the answer key!


The Beatles: Here, There, and Everywhere

Although it’s hard to imagine now, The Beatles started out as total unknowns, hustling for gigs and attention. In The Beatles: Here, There, and Everywhere, you can travel across the globe with these four young men from Liverpool and relive their many stops on the road to stardom. Follow them from their humble beginnings in Hamburg’s red light district to their audition at Decca Studios, their performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, and their innovative recordings at Abbey Road Studio. Along with details of these milestones, the book is packed with photos of the band over the years and includes full spreads devoted to each British album.

With the recent 50 year anniversary of the Beatles’ celebrated appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, what better way to re-live their history than by getting lost (and found) in The Beatles: Here, There, and Everywhere and Where’s Ringo?