How to Host a Cosmically Creepy Halloween Party

October 17, 2023

By Christa Protano

Release the kraken! Admit it: You have always wanted an excuse to channel your inner Liam Neeson and say this. This Halloween, consider hosting a Cthulhu-inspired bash and you may just get your chance. Not sure where to start? We have some horrific (pun intended) ideas for everything from invitations and costumes to decor, plus a full menu adapted from the new literary cookbook, Recipes from the World of H. P. Lovecraft.

Calling All Lovecraftians

Whether or not your friends are fans of the American Gothic author H. P. Lovecraft (aka the Grandfather of Horror Fiction), giving them a heads up that this is not your average Halloween party will make for a more memorable evening. We found Cthulhu party invitations on Zazzle that will set the cosmic tone. We suggest asking guests to dress the Lovecraftian part directly on the invite so everyone knows what to expect from the night.

Costumes Encouraged

For this theme, our research shows that there are three styles to choose from when its comes to attire. The most obvious is going full-on scary nautical octopus a la Davy Jones. A more subtle approach would be wearing your finest Roaring ’20s ensemble since Lovecraft was most prolific during the Jazz Age. Finally, we love the idea of leaning into Steampunk subculture, where you’ll find works that combine Victorian and futuristic costumes and settings influenced by the author.

Destination: R’lyeh

Turning your home into an atmosphere reminiscent of an underwater city is easier than you think. While a kraken and Cthulhu are not exactly the same thing, their similarities are scary enough to serve as inspiration for your party’s decor. Think inflatable oversized tentacles bursting through windows, fishing nets hanging on the walls, glowing jellyfish bobbing from the ceiling, and plenty of neon green and aqua blue LED lighting. Don’t forget the Cthulhu statues.

Eat, Drink, & Be Scary

Last but not least, we can’t forget the food. To really wow the so-called Ancient Ones–and your guests–consider this menu of fantastical delicacies inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. All recipes can be found in the new literary cookbook, Recipes from the World of H.P. Lovecraft.

Lite Bites: Shunned Fungus & Garlic Crostini

Strange Feastings: Coffin Loaf & Silver Key Chili con Carne

Toothsome Sweets: Dunwich Devil’s Food Cake & Reanimator mocktails

Potions: Floating Brain shots & Moon-tree Wine

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