Downloadable Recipe: Baking the (Im)perfect Doughnut

August 4, 2023

We at Thunder Bay Press are big fans of FX’s The Bear. If you know the show (and if you don’t, you should), you’re at least as obsessed as we are with baker Marcus’s patient pursuit of the perfect pastry. We greatly admire his commitment (and are huge fans of actor Lionel Boyce, thanks to his sensitive portrayal), and love the pep talks he’s gotten from Jeremy Allen White‘s Carmy and Will Poulter‘s Luca (How great was that Copenhagen episode, btw?).

That said, we’d like to gift Marcus a copy of one of our favorite cookbooks for a little pep talk of our own, Lottie Bedlow’s Baking Imperfect. We think it’d be perfect for him, considering Lottie’s encouraging, forgiving approach. And guess what! She even has a doughnut recipe! Marcus should really get into this book and take the pressure off.

Check out Lottie’s recipe for “Big Daddy’s Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwiches” as a downloadable below. And get your hands on a copy of Baking Imperfect, on sale now.

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