3 New Releases to Keep Your Brain Sharp

July 19, 2023

While warmer weather and summer vacation bring kids fun and cheer, parents may find themselves worrying about the dreaded summer slide—a common phenomenon where children fall behind in school due to a long summer break.

However, you’re not alone if you’ve experienced a similar fallback yourself—even as an adult. After a vacation away, it’s normal to find the transition back to day-to-day life a little difficult. To beat the mental haze, take these new releases on your next getaway. Relaxing reading, coloring, and, most importantly, learning, await. (Your brain will thank you later!)

Color Yourself Smart Geography

Color Yourself Smart: Geography is a revolutionary way to make learning easy and to improve your memory. If you’ve always wanted to expand your knowledge of geography but found the material too intimidating, put down those boring textbooks and start coloring! 

6-Language Visual Dictionary

The 6-Language Visual Dictionary offers an efficient way to learn and memorize thousands of terms common in six widely spoken European languages. This highly illustrated compendium is divided thematically into twelve sections that cover a broad range of topics, including the body, home, business, sports, leisure, and science.

Periodic Table Explorer

Periodic Table Explorer is an ideal resource for students and those who want to learn more about the elements. Whether you’re looking to supplement your school curriculum or just learn more about the elements, this book has what you need.

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