3 Crystal Pairings to Help You Through Mercury in Retrograde

April 4, 2023

By Christa Protano

Brace yourselves humans. From April 21st through May 14th, Mercury will be in retrograde for the second time this year. 

Why should we care, you ask?

Well, the behavior of our solar system’s smallest planet does have an effect on our everyday lives … at least that’s what the astrology experts say. When Mercury travels backwards, our communications can become missed, traveling can seem like even more of a chore, and our inner monologue may be filled with self-doubt and negativity. 

So what can you do to protect yourself during this chaotic time of year? Emily Suzanne Rayow, jewelry-maker and author of Crystal Pairings, suggests surrounding yourself with some precious stones. “During Mercury Retrograde, you might find yourself needing some extra energetic protection,” she says. “Feeling scatterbrained, clumsy, edgy, or anxious are all common during this astrological occurrence, and utilizing crystals is one powerful way to keep your energy grounded and manageable.” Since pairing crystals tends to amplify their effects, Rayow recommends keeping the following dynamic crystal duos close at hand during the Mercury-in-retrograde season.

Opal & Black Obsidian 

“Opal can provide emotional protection since it can deflect energies, in much the same way that it deflects beams of light to create its signature rainbow flash. It repairs and strengthens the auric field, amplifying our connection to the divine and warding off negative energies.

Try pairing Opal with Black Obsidian to bring out the best in this flashy gem. The Obsidian helps create a shield around the aura while you dance in the ethereal heights of Opal’s energy.”

Shungite & Selenite

“Use Shungite to block you from the pervasive presence of electromagnetic frequencies, as well as different levels of negative energy. Its molecular makeup places this mineral among the most protective and shielding stones that you can use.

Shungite and Selenite create a beautiful balance of energy: pure, uplifting light and the protection that lies in shadow.”

Tiger’s Eye & Pyrite

“Tiger’s Eye is an ancient symbol or protection and inner strength. It emboldens the lower chakras, bringing us renewed confidence, clarity, and willpower. 

Combining Tiger’s Eye with Pyrite creates a forceful duo. The energy of the sun and earth combine, and the result is a brew that leaves you energized and standing tall in your power.”

Crystal Grid: Metatron’s Cube

“Crystal grids are a way of setting out crystals in a pattern that has been carefully selected for a specific purpose. I suggest the Metatron’s Cube for crystal work during Mercury in retrograde.

This grid can help to:
-Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
-Promote balance
-Manifest feelings of happiness and patience”

About the Author

Emily Suzanne Rayow’s successful jewelry-making business led her to become an expert in the meaning behind the beautiful stones that are a feature of her sought-after pieces. A creator for as long as she has been alive — painter, scribbler, song-sewer — art in any form remains her supreme joy in life. Her first book, Crystal Pairings, is available now through Thunder Bay Press. Join her 100k+ followers on Instagram @sea_ox_designs.