Get Creative this Fall with Pumpkin Crafting

October 12, 2022

By: Kristen Johnson

It’s that time of year when we pull out the pumpkins and have some fun! New from Thunder Bay Press, Pumpkin Crafting is full of ideas to make this a creative and inventive season for all ages.

More than just a set of carving instructions, Pumpkin Crafting also includes a chronological background of pumpkins, fall festivals, and traditions from around the world. The book also teaches about pumpkin varieties, with lots of ideas for including them throughout the fall holiday season. Inside the book's pages you'll find so many ways to reinvent the storied gourd (considering its wide variety of sizes, colors, and variations) to unlock its decorative potential.

This book is a must-have for information on carving pumpkins into the best home decor, as well as how to preserve those carvings. With templates that accommodate many skill levels and step-by-step instructions, you are going to want this book for all things pumpkin.

One of Pumpkin Crafting's most inspiring projects is the fairy house pumpkin. We had a delightful time making our own, and you should too. You can use anything that inspires you. We recommend going outside and looking for natural elements that could make for pretty details. Once you have those treasures collected, look around inside for even more decorations. Then, gather adhesives like tape, glue and toothpicks to attach.

Pumpkin Crafting is overflowing with ideas for whatever you decide to create. Don’t want to carve a pumpkin? Use paint to make your pumpkin beautiful. Consider transforming a pumpkin into a flower vase or a candle holder. Take your pumpkin out of this world into a starry night or into a delicious dessert.

Sure to be a seasonal favorite, add Pumpkin Crafting to your library to expand your imagination and make your home decor a joy to make and share. 

Kristen Johnson of A Girl and Her Glitter, is a celebration expert with 16 years of experience as a professional event designer. She is a lifestyle expert who brings sparkle to all of life's celebrations and into your everyday life. Kristen resides in Central Florida with her husband and three kids, and is always up to something to bring real inspiration to you! 
She has been seen on Top Chef as the restaurant designer, Courses and Mini Series on Craftsy, featured on the Today Show and presenter for Craft Day on HSN.