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January 11, 2018

Spiroglyphics features a new type of mind-bending graphic puzzle from Thomas Pavitte, best-selling author of the 1000 Dot-to-Dot and Querkles series. At first, all you see are simple spirals. But when you look a little closer and start to color between the lines, you'll see a scene begin to take shape—and when you're finished, you'll have a masterpiece worthy of being framed on your wall.

Thomas Pavitte's Spiroglyphics are a great way to exercise your brain while also creating something unique and beautiful.

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This exotic collection of 20 puzzles includes a fox, an alpaca, an eagle, a horse, a rabbit, a tiger, a gorilla, a koala, a giraffe, and many more. Get your copy of Spiroglyphics: Animals and get started on creating your own zoo right at home!



Spiroglyphics: Cities is a globe-trotting collection of 20 puzzles that includes everyone's favorite destinations. Grab your passport, pick up a felt-tip pen, and transform a set of simple lines into a trip to New York, Paris, Singapore, and more.



Spiroglyphics: Music Icons features music legends such as Elvis Presley, Madonna, David Bowie, and Tina Turner. Put on some of your favorite music and get lost in the spiral! Try them out yourself with the downloadables below!

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