Large Print Dot-to-Dot Downloadables

July 20, 2017

Our brand new Large Print Dot-to-Dot book is the same Dot-to-Dot you know and love, in bigger print! Easier on the eyes, yet still challenging and relaxing for the brain. Enjoy these two downloadable Dot-to-Dots from our new book, out this month!


Large Print Dot-to-Dot contains more than 200 puzzles to complete, with images of animals, nature scenes, constellations, buildings, and other objects. The numbers and dots are larger than those found in most dot-to-dot books, so everyone can enjoy this relaxing activity without any eye strain. After the last dot is connected, you can color in the finished image!

Order your copy of Large Print Dot-to-Dot now!




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Rose wilson
Rose wilson
July 26, 2017 3:07 pm

Please send me one. Please! I have major depression and anxiety and coloring helps alot!

Rose wilson
Rose wilson
July 26, 2017 3:13 pm
Reply to  Rose wilson

With my depression and anxiety it helps calm me down. And can’t afford to buy. Alot of my friends have them and tells me i need one. Please and thank you.

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