Thunder Bay’s Recent New Releases: Calling all puzzle fans!

November 5, 2014

Thunder Bay has the ultimate challenge for puzzle fans with their new Extreme Spot the Difference series! These epically difficult “spot-the-difference” puzzles have seemingly identical side-by-side photos that contain nearly 100 incongruities each. It’s the perfect mental challenge to keep brain synapses firing!

  • There are 42 high-definition pairs of nearly identical photographs in each book.
  • The photography is worthy of any coffee table book!
  • Tougher than the typical “spot-the-difference” challenge, these books are for the expert puzzler.
  • There is a reusable spotter’s grid that lies overtop the pages and can be written on and erased, keeping the beautiful images pristine and ready to be used time and time again.


Cities of the Word: Extreme Spot the DifferenceCities of the World: Extreme Spot the Difference

Take a look—a close look—at the world’s most beautiful cityscapes, from Mumbai to Manhattan, and everywhere in between. Cities of the World: Extreme Spot the Difference features forty-two stunning images of these metropolitan wonders. From an obvious firework added to one skyline, to a tricky-to-spot now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t bridge in the mid-ground of Manhattan, each find brings the puzzles closer to completion!


Sports and Games: Extreme Spot the DifferenceSports and Games: Extreme Spot the Difference

The average photo puzzler will quickly spot differences like the different logos on a football field in Sports and Games: Extreme Spot the Difference, but it’s subtler discrepancies like the decorative shrubbery added to the background of another photo that make this book a challenge for the experienced examiner. Test your own powers of perception in this advanced spot-the-difference book of puzzles tailored to the sports enthusiast.


Wonders of the World: Extreme Spot the DifferenceWonders of the World: Extreme Spot the Difference

Stonehenge. The pyramids. The coliseum. The places that truly inspire wonder are presented in Wonders of the World: Extreme Spot the Difference. From a small fishing vessel missing from the water behind Croatia’s Pula Roman Arena in one shot to the façade of a humble building changed from green to red, these minor but plentiful differences are intended to challenge the experienced visual puzzler.

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