Thunder Bay October New Releases

October 9, 2014

Music…Pets…Art…Games! Thunder Bay is releasing something fun for just about everyone this month. Be sure to check out the beautiful books Canterbury Classics recently added to their leather-bound collection too!

The Beatles: Here, There and Everywhere

Travel with the Beatles on an improbable journey as they become the entertainment sensation of the 1960s, achieving a level of fame that soon reaches legendary status. The Beatles: Here, There and Everywhere relives every step, from their hardscrabble days in the Liverpool music scene and their tempering in Hamburg’s tawdry red-light district, to their innovative recordings at Abbey Road Studios. Watch as their experimental, stylistic influences change the pop music industry, even as their brash—often profound—insights change the world. In this unique book, you will learn about the Beatles’ famously rejected audition at Decca studios, the genesis of their first number-one single, their smash American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, plus many other stops along their road to superstardom. With full spreads devoted to each British album, additional features on instrumentation, hit singles, the British Invasion, merchandising, support staff, and solo careers, plus tons of Fab Facts, this book will captivate fans of all ages.

Dogs Unleashed

Dogs have been developed in every conceivable size and shape to serve their human owners in myriad ways! Dogs Unleashed illustrates all the major dog breeds (and many rare and exotic ones), explaining how each was created to fit a specific purpose and how this “unnatural selection” resulted in the distinctive looks, temperaments, and behavior patterns in breeds as strikingly different as sleek sight hounds, powerful mastiffs, tenacious terriers, and lovable lap dogs. Beautiful photographs show individuals from each breed, with annotations to highlight main physical traits. Handy side panels provide key specifications, including size, aptitudes, and life expectancy, as well as practical information such as the amount of exercise and grooming required. Other at-a-glance panels analyze the dog’s character and show specific coat types, common color variations, and common health issues. A unique section on the humble mutt shows how a mongrel’s appearance can provide important clues to its origins and likely temperament.

Really Grimm's Doodle Diaries

The fairy tales of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are a little grimmer than the average fairy tale—Red Riding Hood lost in the woods with the big bad wolf; Hansel and Gretel lured into the trap of the evil witch; poor Rapunzel confined to solitude. With their vivid imagery and symbolism, these stories beg for illustrations, and Really Grimm’s Doodle Diaries helps novice artists doodle their own. With prompts like “Draw something horrid here,” and “Find out who will survive the terror of the deep dark woods,” this is one doodle book that is sure to leave your spine tingling. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of space for experimentation, the chances for failure are grim.

If you like doodling dark stuff, you’ll also want to check out The Vampire Doodle Diaries and The Zombie Doodle Diaries!


Where's Ringo?

Ringo has gotten lost! You must find him hidden in twenty pieces of original artwork by internationally acclaimed artists, each inspired by a different period in the Fab Four’s evolution. You’ll be amazed at the places you find Ringo—in scenes from albums, films, and creative collaborations. There are even iconic Beatles memorabilia items hidden on each page to extend the hours of search-and-find fun.

With entertaining commentary from Beatles expert Andrew Grant Jackson, Where’s Ringo? is a beautiful book of pop culture art as well as a genuinely enjoyable game. Complete with original photographs and fact-filled overviews describing each image, this Beatle keepsake will never let you down. It’s a piece of Beatles memorabilia like no other, making it the perfect gift for longtime Beatles enthusiasts and new fans alike.