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Origami Fun

April 9, 2014

Thunder Bay offers craft and hobby sets to satisfy most any creative ambition, including calligraphy, crochet, knitting, sewing, drawing, painting, and more! We’re expanding our incredibly popular origami series this Spring with three unique titlesMommy-Gami, Geometric Origami, and Dollar Battle-Gami! Each kit includes a project book with step-by-step instructions, as well as specially designed origami papers.



  • 20 simple models of things to make, wear and play with—plus an entire alphabet.
  • Projects include a tooth fairy envelope, mobiles, an accordion photo frame, a lily pendant, and more!

Geometric Origami

  • Build 15 unique creations origami ornaments—all inspired by geometry.
  • Projects include a geometric bracelet, an egg, a tetrahedron, a hexahedron, an octahedron, among others.

Dollar Battle-Gami

  • Collection of 10 military-themed models created by paper-folding master Won Park.
  • Projects include an assault rifle, a hand grenade, a tank, a stealth bomber, and a World War II airplane.


Be sure to check out our other popular origami titles—Animal Origami, Dino-Gami, Dollar Origami, Flower Origami, and Horror-Gami.

Interested in winning a free copy of Mommy-Gami? Visit our Facebook page for contest details!

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