History’s Greatest Series

November 7, 2013

History's Greatest Hits

History's Greatest HitsJoseph Cummins recounts thirty-seven of the best-known episodes form the past. Not only does he relate and re-create these events in captivating fashion, he also analyzes their impact on subsequent history and explains the reasons for their enduring fame. Accompany Hannibal over the Alps with a herd of elephants and learn what led him to attempt such a daunting and outlandish undertaking. Cross the Delaware River with George Washington to discover how his subsequent raid on British-help Trenton, New Jersey, changed the course of the American Revolution. Follow the British Light Brigade into the "Valley of Death" during the Crimean War and find out how this farcical military blunder was immortalized through this rendition in verse. History's Greatest Hits is a fascinating read for history buffs, or anyone seeking to understand the world we live in today.

History's Greatest Scandals

History's Greatest ScandalsSmart, educated, and accomplished people—often the pillars of society—sometimes behave in the most uncharacteristic, and fascinating ways. These are stories of adultery, perversion, shameless greed, theft, and deception—scandal in its rawest forms—that have brought down presidents, prime ministers, clergy, and famous people from every walk of life. The gripping dramas climax in catastrophic exposures and career-destroying indiscretions that rival great fiction and are all the more astounding because they are seminal moments in our history. Alternately disturbing and amazing, the narratives of History's Greatest Scandals reveal clandestine affairs, underhanded political dealings, blatant criminal activity, and other dramatic episodes that erupt in the lives of successful people.