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America’s Classic Ballparks

March 27, 2013

America's Calssic BallparksBaseball parks are as American as apple pie and America’s Classic Ballparks commemorates six ballparks guaranteed to spark nostalgia for the old ball game. Complete with ten removable replicas of historic ballpark documents, America’s Classic Ballparks celebrates six of America’s most treasured ballparks: Polo Grounds, Fenway Park, Tiger Stadium, Ebbet Field, Wrigley Field, and Yankee Stadium, ballpark enthusiasts will revel in stadium trivia and cherish the historic photographs found throughout these pages. Authored by prolific sportswriter James Buckley Jr., America’s Classic Ballparks is the perfect addition to any sports library.

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America's Classic Ballparks content



Near the far North end of Manhattan, above the top reaches of Central Park, the Polo Grounds was the home of the New York Giants of the National League. From 1883 until they joined the then Brooklyn Dodgers in colonizing California for Major League Baseball, the Giants were the main home team at the Polo Grounds and the team of choice for Manhattanites of every station. The ballpark also was home to the New York Yankees for a time, as well as being the site of boxing matches and football games of all sorts—American, association, and even Gaelic. But it was as a ballpark, built for baseball, that the Polo Grounds had its greatest fame, home to some of the most iconic events and glorious heroes of the game’s history.