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Tip of the Week: Lemon Cleaning Tips

March 5, 2013

Lemon Cleaning TipsThe rooms and spaces you inhabit greatly influence your well-being. getting your home and household in order is therefore the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family, since it’s the source from which everything else flows. Make the most of your home environment, and your life, with Expert Companions: Household. For a little taste of what this must-have book offers, here are some must-know lemon cleaning tips.

Mild bleach: Lemon juice inhibits mold, deodorizes, and removes stains.

Flatware stains: Dissolve a little salt in lemon juice and rub.

Polish a copper pan: Rub the pan with half a lemon dipped in salt.

Clean a microwave oven: Cook the juice of one lemon in a bowl on High for five minutes.

Greasy dishwasher load: Cut a lemon in half, remove the seeds, and skewer the cut side of each half onto the spikes of the plate rack.

Deodorize the trash can: Wash with a solution of 1 teaspoon lemon juice to 4 pints water.


Expert Companion: HouseholdIn addition to the above lemon cleaning tips, Expert Companions: Household includes all the essential information you need for creating the best living space. Author Sarah Baker offers a distinctive blend of tried-and true advice combined with time- and money-saving ideas for everyone, whether you are setting up your first apartment or running a large family home. Learn how to combine practical household advice with the art of decorating to foster the most aesthetically pleasing environment. Inside you will also find tips on saving energy and water, reusing and recycling, cleaning, furniture and lighting, managing the kitchen, washing and ironing, home decor, raising pets, and home safety.



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