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Dollar Origami by Won Park

January 8, 2013

Dollar Origami by Won ParkToday, a dollar won’t buy you a camera or a shark—but there is a way to make it into one! Dollar Origami, by the origami expert Won Park, teaches you how to turn your currency into almost anything with just a few folds. With simple instructions, full-color photos, and 100 sheets of paper to practice on before you use our own money, you’ll be crafting butterflies, penguins, a camera, koi fish, crabs, eagles, scorpions, and other creatures. There is no cutting or gluing involved in the projects, so your cash will still be usable when your folding is done!

Won Park’s amazing work has been praised and featured repeatedly over the years, on websites such as The Design Inspiration. Below is a recent video review of Dollar Origami.

Here are some his amazing work (all these projects may not be featured in Dollar Origami).

Dollar Origami ScorpionOrigami CameraOrigami Construction MachineDollar Origami ButterflyDollar Origami Star War Millenium Falcon S


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