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Vampires & Zombies Activity Books

May 8, 2012

Yes, Edward and Bella will be back on the big screen this summer. But this big finale may lead some Vampire lovin’ teens with a hole in their lives after the movie has been seen. The Vampire Doodle Diaries is a perfect to have while waiting in line for that midnight showing or a fabulous distraction from post-movie angst.  Is the walking dead more your kid’s scene? Then let them draw, play and write about their favorite brain eaters with The Zombie Doodle Diaries.

The Zombie Doodle Diaries

Are you ready to battle in the zombie apocalypse? Do you have nightmares of the dead coming to life? With this frighteningly fun book, you can draw your own undead creatures using the 125 prompts and activities that help both budding and expert artist examine the darker side of their dreams. Macabre and marvelous, The Zombie Doodle Diaries is the perfect drawing guide for any artist fascinated by these mysterious monsters.

The Vampire Doodle Diaries

Unique, unusual…undead! In recent years, vampires have captured our imaginations like never before. From Twilight to True Blood, vamps are scary, sexy, and utterly fascinating. And after reading about them and seeing them on the big screen, it’s only natural that fans would want to create their own intriguing monsters. The Vampire Doodle Diaries features more than 125 prompts and activities to help even the novice artist delve into the twilight of their creative souls. With easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of space for experimentation, this is the perfect place to unleash the images of every artist’s underworld dreams.

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