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For Mom: The Animal Lover

May 2, 2012

For the mom you love that has a love for animals, we have a great collection of titles that will give her insights into her favorite animal. From cats, to dogs, to birds, you will find the perfect fit. Below is sampling of our animal/pet titles.

Kitten Taming

Kitten TamingFilled with adorable photos and easy-to-follow advice, Kitten Taming is a helpful quick-reference book featuring everything you need to know about your young cat. This tail-to-whiskers guide covers kitten essentials like anatomy and basic needs, behavior, grooming, food, equipment, and health checks. Discover fun, humane ways to train your kitten! Teach your kitty mealtime manners, obedience, games and how to use a litter box.



What is My Dog Thinking?

What is My Dog ThinkingThere are probably times when you wish you knew what your dog was thinking. From tail wagging to growling, from play bowing to lip licking, this fascinating book explains why your dog behaves the way he does. What Is My Dog Thinking? covers six major aspects of dog behavior: the importance of hierarchy, food and fitness, staying safe, reproduction, social behavior, and people and dogs.



The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher

The Audubon Backyard BirdwatcherBirds are a very visible and entertaining form of wildlife. These colorful visitors provide hours of entertainment as they bathe, feed, court, and nest. With expert guidance from the National Audubon Society, you can learn how to create a bird-friendly environment in your own backyard. Whether situated in a city or in the countryside, you’ll get the practical information you need on using gardens, food, water, and nesting sites to entice birds to visit. With more than 1,000 spectacular full-color photographs, The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher profiles the 100 most familiar garden birds and the reasons behind their intriguing antics. Finally available in paperback, this perennial bestseller is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in creating a bird-friendly habitat in their backyard.

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