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For Mom: The Artist

April 13, 2012

We know all moms are creative. How else could they raise us and deal with all the curve balls we threw her way? But, some moms have a deeper creative side. They are painters, designers, and craft extraordinaires.  For the mom who is a champion of creative fun, we have a collection of arts and crafts books we are sure she will love.

Fun Family Crafts

Fun Family CraftsFun Family Crafts contains more than 50 projects that mom can choose from for a delightful day of inspiration and imagination with the family. The best part is that while the family is working on the projects, you also creating memories that you’ll cherish in years to come. The stunning photographs accompanying each item also make it easy to see the progress. She will love the handmade treasures that are brought to life with Fun Family Crafts.

And, here is a SAMPLE PROJECT.


Color Wheels for the Home

Color Wheels for the HomeWith a fully interactive wheel that offers elegant, invigorating, tranquil, fresh, and sensual color combinations, this useful guide shows you how to change the look and feel of your home instantly. If you paint your bathroom walls a pale green mint julep, what color is right for your curtains? If you paint the wall behind your bed a deep ultra violet, what color is perfect for your pillows? Color Wheels for the Home not only offers insightful suggestions, but also shows how those color schemes look in real homes.


Color Wheels for the Artist

Color Wheels for the ArtistEvery artist—from beginner to expert—uses color to create. Whether a painting contains succulent grapes in a deep violet or crumbling castle ruins in stormy payne’s gray, it’s the colors that make the scenes eye-catching and vibrant. But sometimes a single color can’t capture the beauty of an image or object. Now, with Color Wheels for the Artist, you can preview the shades and hues that will result from mixing two colors–and determine if they’re right for your vision.


Color Yourself Smart Human Anatomy

Color Yourself Smart Human AnatomyIn Color Yourself Smart: Human Anatomy, you’ll fill in amazing illustrations and find out the names and functions of all the different parts of the human body. And in addition to gaining basic knowledge, you’ll also learn some of the body’s greatest secrets. Why do we get goose bumps? What happens when we eat an apple? How much air can we breathe in just one minute? Color Yourself Smart: Human Anatomy can help you solve these puzzles and many others!

Many memory experts believe colors and illustrations can help us form stronger memories. When you color yourself smart, you’ll be sure to agree! You’ll never forget the many parts of the body–and their equally important functions.

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