From Wooden Seats to Modern Marvels – Thunder Bay Press’ Book, 500 Ballparks is a Must Have For Baseball Lovers

March 13, 2012

500 Ballparks

500 Ballparks

Spring is in the air and the boys of summer have hit Florida and Arizona for Spring Training. For baseball fans young and old, Thunder Bay Press is pleased to offer the book 500 Ballparks by Eric Pastore (ISBN-13: 978-1607102939).

500 Ballparks celebrates the uniqueness of our national pastime’s parks, stadiums, and fields.  From the major to the minor leagues, each park is identified, discussed, and accompanied by stunning photographs or specially commissioned artwork. Each profiled stadium—from Boston’s legendary Fenway Park to New York’s Yankee Stadium to lesser-known fields all across the country—has its own dimensions and layout that have a major effect on players and the game itself. Teams play 81 games a year, and no two are exactly alike.  500 Ballparks details the history of each park, offering interesting facts and valuable history of American baseball.

With highlights of places long gone like Ebbets Field, former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to newly-built marvels like Nationals Park in Washington, DC., 500 Ballparks is the perfect companion for fans going to Spring Training or planning a ballparks roadtrip. With over 400 pages and 500 photographs, 500 Ballparks reminds you that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, but what does matter is where you play the game.

500 Ballparks by Eric Pastore (ISBN-13: 978-1607102939). is now available at most book retailers or online at or



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