Make Your Own Shopping Bag

Spring Craft: Make Your Own Shopping Bag

March 8, 2012

Making your own clothes, housewares, and other craft projects can seem so intimidating. What if you’re clumsy with scissors and can barely sew a button? How can you create your own handmade gifts—for yourself and for others—without ripping your ribbon and ruining your fabric? With helpful tips for making the most of your crafting experience, Crafts for Every Season is the perfect book for the novice crafter.Springtime means blooms and longer days. Time to add the weekly farmers market trip back into the calendar. In prep, here is a sneak peek into our Crafts for Every Season book. Crafter extraordinaire Kelly Doust will help to inspire you with her detailed instruction for your own shopping bag.

Make Your Own Shopping Bag

Download Directions to Make Your Own Shopping Bag