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November 11, 2011

Our bodies are a mystery to us. We may see our arms and legs move, but we have no idea how the muscles beneath look as they contract. We know that our stomachs digest food and our hearts pump blood throughout our bodies, but the images we have in our heads of these organs are often inaccurate or incomplete. Even seeing pictures of our internal systems and organs can be misleading if these pictures don’t offer a full, 360-degree view.

Anatomy 360 shows the human body in its entirety–from the skin to the muscles to the organs to the bones. This stunning book provides a unique perspective on our most crucial parts, showing how the structures of our bodies influence their functions. You’ll learn about the vagus nerve, which allows us to swallow, speak and cough, and the frontalis muscle, which raises our eyebrows when we’re surprised. You’ll also learn why our noses run when we cry and why our brains are so important even though they weigh just one kilogram each.

With Anatomy 360, you’ll finally get a complete look at the human body–even the parts you thought you’d never see!

Purchase Anatomy 360 title for the Science Buff in your life.

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Joyce Hartman
Joyce Hartman
January 17, 2012 8:39 am

On page 126 of your book, “Historic America, The Southwest (2002),” you mistakenly cite Yosemite as the nation’s oldest national park, when in fact the honor goes to Yellowstone, established in 1872!

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