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Bob Ross Happy Little Sticker Puzzles

Bob Ross charmed viewers with his simple and efficient painting techniques, and now you too can discov...

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Disney Frozen 2 Sticker Art Puzzles

Disney Frozen fans will be warmed by the fifteen sticker puzzles in this book. Match more than 100 st...

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Disney Princess Sticker Art Puzzles

Each of the fifteen sticker puzzles in this book features full-color art of a favorite Disney princess...

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Extreme Stickering Animals

Fans of puzzles who are looking for a new challenge will find plenty of enjoyment in these 15 intense ...

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Extreme Stickering Day of the Dead

Foreward Award Finalist The Day of the Dead is a colorful celebration of loved ones who hold a special...

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Extreme Stickering Manga

Manga fans everywhere will delight in these fifteen playful stickering puzzles featuring the popular S...

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Extreme Stickering Unicorns

Extreme Stickering: Unicorns offers a new twist on an age-old activity. Each of the fifteen full-colo...

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Harry Potter Sticker Art Puzzles

Follow Harry, Hermione, Ron, and your favorite wizards through the halls of Hogwarts and learn what it...

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Marvel Sticker Art Puzzles

Each of the fifteen sticker puzzle challenges in this book features full-color art of vintage Marvel c...

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Star Wars Sticker Art Puzzles

Puzzle your way through this book with fifteen full-color stickering challenges featuring full-color a...

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Sticker Extremely Cute Animals

Puzzle enthusiasts who want to try something new and challenging will get extreme enjoyment out of the...

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