The Guitar & Amp Sourcebook

October 25, 2012

Rock out with the biggest and baddest book of axes out there. This easy-to-use guide is written by Mike Abbott, a professional guitarist who has played with the Rolling Stones and is the editor of

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Word Cloud Classics: Fiction Collection

September 13, 2012

Classic works of literature with a clean, modern aesthetic! Perfect for both old and new literature fans, this new series provides a chic and inexpensive introduction to timeless literary tales.

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“Sew Iconic” Captures Hollywood Glamour

June 28, 2012

Whether you're seeking an A-list evening gown, a showstopping party frock, or a day dress to turn heads, "Sew Iconic" is the ultimate guide to recreating the most stylish outfits ever to grace the silver screen.

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Vampires & Zombies Activity Books

May 8, 2012

Yes, Edward and Bella will be back on the big screen this summer. But this big finale may lead some Vampire lovin’ teens with a hole in their lives after the movie has been seen. The Vampire Doodle Diaries is a perfect to have while waiting in line...

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Shoe Love

Mom: The Fashionista

May 3, 2012

Is the mom in your life a Fashionista? Does she shop till she drops? Give her some relaxing time on the couch dreaming about the next pair of Manolo Blahniks or that illusive Birkin handbag. Shoe Love and  Bags to Love are two amazing pop-up books w...

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For Mom: The Animal Lover

May 2, 2012

For the mom you love that has a love for animals, we have a great collection of titles that will give her insights into her favorite animal. From cats, to dogs, to birds, you will find the perfect fit. Below is sampling of our animal/pet titles. K...

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