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Author: Rick Sapp

ISBN 13: 978-1-60710-637-1 9781607106371
Format: Trade Cloth--Jacketed HC
Pages: 144 pp.
Trim: 8 x 15 1/4
Art: more than 200 photos
Categories: All - History - Military - Reference

Price: $19.95


New Orleans Then and Now
1,000 Words to Sign

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No one knows when the first bow and arrow appeared, but it’s safe to say that men and women have been using the archery complex--bow, string, arrow, fletching, and arrowhead--for at least 20,000 years. Used to provide both food and protection, the bow and arrow has always been an interesting and effective weapon.
From the stick bow to the crossbow, Archery showcases the many types of methods and tools used in this fascinating discipline. A comprehensive history of the bow and arrow, along with the full-color images in this lively compendium, will enthrall expert and novice collectors alike. Today’s archers will learn about the world’s first fighting tools, like the atlatl, or Australian spear, and the especially destructive iron-tipped arrows used by the men of classical civilizations. In addition, they’ll refresh their knowledge of today’s archery arsenal, including excalibur crossbows and parker bows.
Archery is a complete look at a field that has fascinated us since ancient times.