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Baker & Taylor Publishing Group publishes books under three imprints: Silver Dolphin Books, Thunder Bay Press, and Portable Press. Founded about twenty years ago, Baker & Taylor Publishing Group has a growing list of published titles and now has a backlist of more than 500 books. Baker & Taylor books are sold in the United States and throughout the world.

Thunder Bay Press, Baker & Taylor's first imprint, published its first title in 1990. Silver Dolphin Books quickly followed. Finally, in 2000, Baker & Taylor purchased the best-selling Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series and created Portable Press as an imprint to house this list. Baker & Taylor Publishing Group is the umbrella organization under which all three imprints operate.

Greetings from the Thunder Bay Press Publisher
There has been a lot of talk about the future of books over the past couple of years. The dawn of the digital book age has inspired many industry professionals to declare that physical books are dinosaurs. While it’s true that modern reading tablets may be the perfect bookend of its stone precursors, and yes e-book sales continue to rise meteorically, here at Thunder Bay Press we’re too busy developing new formats and adapting to new technologies to think about extinction.

The Spring 2011 list provides a hint at our approach for the future. We plan to celebrate the tactile pleasures of the physical book without compromising the integrity of its content. You can bake with our reusable cupcake holders from Cupcakes, or unlock and open a purse from Bags to Love in Pop-Up. We are adding to our strength as a regional publishing powerhouse by complementing our hugely successful Then and Now series with the launch of the fun and whimsical Greetings from… series, designed to be love letters to a few of our favorite cities, including New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Each has a unique diorama on the cover and includes four removable postcards. In addition to our new initiatives we are committed to continued development of our core strengths in categories such as Health and Fitness, Nature and Animals, as well as the aforementioned Regional. Series such as the Canterbury Classics will continue to see further expansion and enhancements.

These are just a few of our latest offerings and we hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned for details on Thunder Bay Press’s emerging digital program. Our belief is that physical and digital books can coexist if each exploits its unique qualities and that by growing a footprint in each, we will stay a step ahead of becoming a fossil. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. ~ Dr. Seuss ~ Keep reading, greeting, and going,

Peter Norton

Publisher, Thunder Bay Press


See video below of Shoe Love: In Pop-Up, one of our newest releases.




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