Download the Thunder Bay Spring 2015 Catalog (PDF)
Download the Canterbury Classics 2015 Catalog (PDF)
Angry Birds Art Studio
By: Walter Foster Creative Team
The Complete Book of Hummingbirds
By: Tony Tilford
Disney Classic Crochet
By: Megan Kreiner
Marvel: The Avengers Vault
By: Peter A. David
Montreal Then and Now
By: Alan Hustak and Johanne Durocher Norchet
Noah's Ark Origami
By: Seth Friedman
A Novel Journal: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By: Mark Twain
A Novel Journal: Dracula
By: Bram Stoker
A Novel Journal: Emma
By: Jane Austen
A Novel Journal: Great Expectations
By: Charles Dickens
A Novel Journal: Jane Eyre
By: Charlotte Brontë
A Novel Journal: Pride and Prejudice
By: Jane Austen
A Novel Journal: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
By: Arthur Conan Doyle
A Novel Journal: The Brothers Grimm
By: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
A Novel Journal: The Picture of Dorian Gray
By: Oscar Wilde
A Novel Journal: The Wizard of Oz
By: L. Frank Baum
Origami Aircraft
By: Seth Friedman, Jason Ku, Marc Kirschenbaum and Daniel Robinson
Origami Chess: Cats vs. Dogs
By: Roman Diaz
Peanuts Crochet
By: Kristen Rask
Vancouver Then and Now
By: Francis Mansbridge